Educate & Empower – Training

Are you wanting to quickly learn how to create & manage website content?
Perhaps you want to understand concepts like SEO or techniques for email management & other web tools like Mailchimp for eMarketing?

Whether you choose us for your hosting or have your website & email hosting elsewhere to us that is irrelevant when it comes to learning new skills to utilise time efficiently and save you money.  
We offer remote or onsite Training in one-to-one or group training sessions For all you want and need to know about Web Presence including:

  • The Essentials for Web Presencne
  • Creating or managing your own Website, Blog or Shop content
  • Learn & understand what you need vs being sold unnecessary bells and whistles
  • What Web Presence Tools are available, and how to use, such as Google my Business and Mailchip for eMarketing etc.
  • Anything you else you need and want to know – Just ask!