Providing you with all the Essentials for your Web Presence

WEBSITE DESIGN - Creating a beautiful presence for you

Life is about being present,
a website is about presenting you!
We work with you create and enhance the essence of your web presence.

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WEBSITE HOSTING - Keeping it all together

It always feels great when things are organised, and in control.
We provide centralised hosting where we personally manage the maintenance for you.

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EMAIL HOSTING - Personalising your communications

The measure of your communication
is in the response you receive.
We offer personalised email address, mailbox storage and assist with setting it up.

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WEB PRESENCE EDUCATION - Training to Empower

We believe everyone has something to learn as well as something to teach.
Empowering people with Web Essential knowledge and skills.

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We are a proud small boutique business that provides more than just Website hosting, we provide full support & training  for our clients.
Small because we choose to work with a small number of select clients to ensure that they receive our upmost attention and time efficient support.

Our values are different to most business operators because we are service driven, our passion is serving our clients with high quality for less.

We consider our success to be aligned with the success of our clients by saving them money on their web design and hosting and overall web presence for them to have greater potential of time and money to invest more into other areas of their business, team, products & services.

With the combination of 15+ years IT experiences with training & education in coaching & Neuro Linguistic Programming (N.L.P) in general understanding MyIOS (Mind & your Internal Operating Systems) and how do you empower and create the behavioural responses, actions and communication for achieving the results you want.  Our clients get provided access to the best of both worlds, empowering technology and self.

We provide our clients with an end to end service and can offer a great range of custom cost effective solutions & services that meets all their wants, needs and requirements.